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•  การพัฒนาระบบการจัดการพลังงานทั้งตามกฎหมายและมาตรฐานสากล ISO 50001:2011
•  การประเมินและปรับปรุงสมรรณะด้านพลังงาน (Energy Performance Assessment & Improvement)
•  การตรวจวัดการใช้พลังงาน (Energy Consumption Audit)
•  การพัฒนาและปรับปรุงยุทธศาสตร์การจัดการพลังงาน (Energy Management Strategy Development & Improvement)
•  การศึกษาความเป็นไปได้ (Feasibility) ของการนำพลังงานทดแทนมาใช้ภายในโรงงานอุตสาหกรรม
•  การจัดฝึกอบรมทั้งประเภทภายในองค์กร (In-House Training) และสาธารณะ (public Training) 

  Supporting Equipments

 In order to support the services, UEET has prepared various equipments both for energy and environmental issues. Some important ones are:

IR FlexCam-T (Portable Infrared Camera)
The IR FlexCam T is the state of the art equipment for measuring temperature of hot surfaces within the 0°C –600°C range with accuracy of ±2°C or ±2%. It can be used to assess the heat loss from boilers, steam/hotwater/hot oil piping systems, furnaces, ovens, etc. The equipment is operated by our level 1 certified Thermographer.

SL963 Series Pressure Data Loggers
The SL963 is a self-contained battery powered data logger suitable for 
measuring pressure. The self-contained data logger is particularly suited for portable installations or where traditionally it it has not been possible to provide conventional powersupplies. Housed in a stainless steel enclosure, the pressure transmitter store up to 130,000 readings with a battery life of approximately 10 years. Logged data can be extracted via a communications cable, which connects between the serial port of a suitable PC and the data logger. The interface between the data logger and the computer is RS232. Typical Applications include pressure measurement in compressed air systems.

CA 8332 Qualistar
Designed for verification and maintenance departments in industrial or 
administrative buildings, the Qualistar C.A 8332 enables the user to obtain an instant picture of the main characteristics of electrical network quality. Handy and very compact, this instrument also gives numerous calculated values and several processing functions such as complete triple-phase analysis, voltage,current, power / energy, harmonics (50th rank), flicker, etc., in line with current standards: EN 50160, IEC 61000-4-15, IEC 61000-4-30, IEC 61000- 4-7.


Supporting Equipments

SDT170M+ Leak Detector
Compressed air leaks are the most expensive utility waste in manufacturing. Turbulence from leaks creates white noise with a strong ultrasonic component. To detect such leaks, the SDT170M+ will be used to scan an area and listen to the turbulent rushing sound through the headphones. The equipment can pinpoint the locations of the leaks regardless of ambient 
background noise. Finding leaks can save hundreds of thousands of Baht.

TESTO 330 Combustion Efficiency Measurement

The TESTO 330 is the latest flue gas analyzer with the capability to measure temperature, ΔP for gas pressure (with additional pitot tube), concentrations of various gases, specifically, CO, CO2, and O2, in order to estimate the efficiency of steam boilers. The equipment contain database for variouis types of fuel, including fuel oil, natural gas, coal, and biomass. It is used for assessing the combustion efficiency of boilers, ovens and furnaces.

Elite Pro Electrical Datalogger

The Elite Pro is a versatile instrument for measuring single or three phase loads, AC or DC. It can measure a wide range of parameters including kWh,kW, Volts, Amps, kVA, kVAR, Watts, VA, VAR, Power Factor, and will also display wave form & harmonics content. The logging fucntion can be programmed to record with the intervals of 3, 15, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15,20, 30 minutes, and 1, 12, 24 hours and the ability to select maximum,minimum, average, instantaneous, or all parameters. The stored information can then be downloaded to computer via direct RS232 connection for easy
but powerful data analysis.

Portaflow 300 and Portaflow 216 Liquid Flow Measurement

The Portaflow 300 (with datalogger) and Portaflow 216, transit time, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter have been designed to help Service/Maintenance and Commissioning Engineers make quick, accurate flow readings of any liquid,within pipes from 50 mm to 400 mm. Utilizing the pulse output the instrument can be connected to a separate data logger to store flow volume information. This compact, rugged instrument will measure flow rate in litres/min, gallons/min, litre/sec, metres/sec, feet/sec and will give the total volume in litres and gallons. There is no shut down time, lost production or contact with the process liquid when making the measurement, as the instrument is completely non-invasive.

Supporting Equipments



TESTO 445 Air Velocity Measurement

The testo 445 instrument measures temperature, relative humidity, dew point, absolute humidity, degree of humidity, enthalpy, all types of air velocity (in ducts, duct openings or extractors), volume flow, pressure and indoor air quality. Data can be saved according to location and then analyzed on PC. It is capable of automatic allocation of duct cross-section to location (max. 99 locations) with internal data logger (3,000 readings) and simultaneous measurement of up to 6 parameters. It will be used mainly for assessing the performance of air compressors and refrigeration systems.

TESTO 520 Differential Pressure Meter

Differential Pressure meter (Testo 520) can measure pressure of various locations in a piping system. The instrument has 2 ranges, i.e., 0 – 1 bar and 0 – 10 bar. When used in conjunction with an isometric drawing, fluid dynamic software and temperature information, the gas flow rate can then be estimated for determining the gas consumption in a particular unit.

MAGlogger Electrical Profile Logger

MAGlogger measures total consumption in accumulated running time and provides demand figures by date stamping every transition of on's and off's. It can store up to 8,192 records. The associated SMARTware™ software is used for easy data retrieval and analysis. Various analysis and graphing features with easy exporting to any ASCII format data file. The sensitivity can be adjusted to above 40 mGauss.



UEET also has other equipments which can be used if deem necessary. For example, Testo 470 rpm measuring device, Leica GS5+ Global Positioning System, Q-RAE portable Real Time Multi Gas detector, ppbRAE Total VOC Detector, CyberScan CON110 Conductivity/TDS Meter, CyberScan DO11, and pH Testr.